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Custom Massage.

We all live different lifestyles and carry our pain very differently. My approach is to relieve your pain or discomfort by using years of knowledge to try techniques that specifically work for you. Also explore & recommend other alternative medicine approaches to heal your body completely.

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Our location.

4500 9th ave ne suite 300 (3rd floor of The University Business Center), Seattle, WA 98105

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Swedish Massage

Swedish/Western massage directly increases blood circulation, enhancing delivery of oxygen and nutrients to all tissue cells as well as fascia. It increases lymph circulation, which speeds up the removal of metabolic waste and the by-products of tissue damage and inflammation. It is helpful in reducing pain and joint stiffness, and promoting deep restorative qualities to soothe the nervous system, thus assisting the body’s self-healing.

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Aromatherapy Massage

In these sessions, I offer both injury treatment and relaxation work. Develop physical awareness and reduce chronic suffering with customized bodywork sessions including aromatherapy to promote relaxation. Breath is often used to integrate bodywork on a lasting level. With our breath we can see life’s shifting nature echoed in our body. Learn to use breath to regulate the nervous system in charge of every network.

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Experience deeper relaxation with a massage session.

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